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CBD has become one of the biggest buzzwords of today’s cannabis industry. A growing number of people use CBD for general health and wellness. But have you paid attention to this booming market? Unless you lived under the bottom of the rock, you have likely heard about CBD bioavailability. If not, keep on reading vaping CBD VS sublingual to explore the term bioavailability.

Most people use particular CBD ingestion methods that have varying bioavailability. However, the most common ways to take CBD are vaping, sublingual, edibles, and topicals. Most CBD consumption methods revolve around these ways but are not confined to them. Among all consumption methods, vaping and sublingual ingestion has gained the attention of the young generation.

Let us discuss which method is the best for you!

Vaping CBD VS Sublingual:

At first, there is no wrong way to take CBD. The consumption method you choose depends upon your preferences and needs. Both these CBD ingestion methods share similarities and differences but have the most bioavailability than all other methods.

Vaping CBD:

For vaping CBD oil, you need:

  • Vape device
  • Vape juice

CBD oil in the vaporizer passes over the heating coil, where all the dangerous by-products are eliminated. The vaporized CBD oil passes through the lungs and reaches the bloodstream directly. Vaping CBD is one the fastest ways to experience the effects of cannabidiol. In general, the therapeutic effects kick n your system within 15 minutes of vaping.

Unlike ingesting CBD, puffs of vaping CBD bypass the digestive tract and liver to enter the bloodstream. If you want quick relief, you can take CBD through vaping to experience the effects instantaneously.


Sublingual ingestion of cannabidiol does not involve specific equipment, such as a vaporizer. It involves placing a few drops of CBD-rich oil under the tongue.

Once inhaled the CBD oil, hold it under the tongue for a few seconds to half a minute. It is essential to place it, as tiny mucous capillaries absorb the compound quickly to kickstart the effects. The sublingual ingestion of CBD oil involves two delivery methods, such as:

  • Absorption through mucous capillaries
  • Absorption through the digestive system

In sublingual ingestion through the digestive tract, the active ingredients of oil swiftly get into the bloodstream. However, sublingual ingestion ends up in a lower concentration of CBD in the bloodstream than vaping CBD. But with time, the rest swallowed CBD enhances the bioavailability of CBD already available in the bloodstream.

Vaping CBD VS Sublingual – Similarities & Differences

Right now, you have learned about the basics of both CBD consumption methods. Each consumption method has its specific pros and cons, onset time, and bioavailability.


Vaping CBD and sublingual ingestion have the same bioavailability via vaping are higher. These methods are efficient and sustainable to experience the therapeutic effects immediately. Moreover, the effects of the CBD delivered by both methods do not last even though the effects of sublingual last longer than vaping.


One of the most notable differences is how you use these methods. Vaping CBD oil requires a vaporizer to inhale the CBD, while sublingual does not. Sublingual CBD oil comes with a dropper to drop the oil under the tongue.

Vape juice has a different formulation than sublingual oil in tinctures. Also, you only can vape liquids designed for vaping. The vape juices comprise propyl glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavors, and crystalline CBD.

Contrary to this, you can get pure in three formulations, such as:

  • CBD isolates
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Broad-spectrum CBD

Vaping CBD VS Sublingual: Which Is Right for You?

Hey folks! Do you want to choose a discreet method of CBD consumption? Vaping CBD juices will not be suitable for you, as you cannot make smoke puffs everywhere. However, sublingual ingestion is a more portable and discreet way to experience the effects. You can take CBD oil with a dropper in public or office in only three minutes.

Another factor is that how long you want to experience the effects. If you want quick pain relief or boost energy level, vaping CBD may be perfect for you. However, for long-lasting effects throughout the day, you can choose sublingual oil.

Remember that taking CBD and experiencing its effects are unique to everyone. Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system to interact with CBD. Your response to CBD depends on:

  • Bodyweight
  • Body biochemistry
  • Reason to take CBD

To find the accurate and optimal CBD dosage, you can try different CBD products. To experience the curative effects throughout the day, you can combine different CBD products, such as edibles and CBD oil.

The Takeaway: Vaping CBD VS Sublingual

Vaping is an efficient and traditional way to experience the healing effects of CBD immediately. For vaping, you need a vape pen and vaporizer to inhale vape juice. Remember that you can only vape liquids meant for vaping, such as CBD-e-liquids and vape juices.

In contrast, sublingual ingestion doesn’t require any equipment. You can deliver the CBD oil drops under your tongue with a dropper for pain relief. There is no right or wrong method to take CBD. Follow the method that works best for you. Always buy your products from quality suppliers that share their third-party lab test results.

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