Nightmares and Bad Dreams from CBD oil, Nightmares and Bad Dreams from CBD oil – Here Are the Facts, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

A lot of people wonder how CBD will affect their dreams, as bad dreams can be strange, disturbing, and scary. Millions of people have incorporated CBD into their wellness regime. However, some still wonder about nightmares and bad dreams from CBD oil. Currently, there is no scientific evidence suggesting that CBD oil causes nightmares and bad dreams.

With that being said, if you go online and search some forums on the topic, it’s quite easy to find plenty of anecdotal reports that claim the opposite.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not the CBD oil you are taking results in weird dreams while sleeping.

The Myth of Non-Psychoactive CBD:

Before talking about the side effects of CBD oil, let us discuss the myth of CBD oil being non-psychoactive. From a medical, the word psychoactive is broad in its scope; it is referred to as any substance that alters the function of the brain.

The primary conflict arises from the fact that CBD does not produce a high. Many resources refer to CBD as a non-psychoactive compound since it does not produce the psychedelic effects of a high. The proper verbiage to use, however, is non-intoxicating.

Therefore, it is hard to mention that nightmares and bad dreams come from CBD oil.

CBD and Nightmares – Is There Any Evidence?

Remember that there is no evidence linking the use of CBD to bad dreams or any erratic dreaming episodes for that matter. In fact, several research studies have indicated that CBD is beneficial in achieving healthy quality sleep.

One randomized group study conclude that CBD does not alter normal sleep architecture. It has the potential to maintain the sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, people take CBD gummies and oil drops to manage insomnia symptoms.

A separate study, published in Neuropharmacology in 2012, suggests that CBD actually reduces physiological REM sleep in normal rats. It is relevant since most dreaming episodes occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. However, the study also noted that, aside from the anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effects of CBD, the effects of the compound on anxiety-induced sleep disturbances remain unclear.

So Why do People Say that Nightmares and Bad Dreams Come from CBD Oil?

Nightmares and Bad Dreams from CBD oil, Nightmares and Bad Dreams from CBD oil – Here Are the Facts, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

As mentioned earlier, there is no evidence that CBD causes nightmares. People in online forums say that alters sleep patterns.

As with all things, it is suggested to use CBD moderately at first, and if needed, work up gradually in terms of daily milligram consumption. And of course, always try and speak with a doctor whenever possible about implementing CBD into your daily routine.

If you have taken CBD and experienced bad dreams, it could prove beneficial to try and take CBD earlier in the day rather than right before going to bed.

Sleep Stages:

Normal sleep is broken up into REM sleep and three distinct stages of non-REM sleep. The 1st stage of the non-REM stage lasts for a few minutes and occurs when an individual begins to shift from wakefulness to actual sleep.


  • Brain wave begins to slow
  • Heart rate lowers
  • The muscle starts to relax

2nd stage involves even more dramatic relaxation of the muscles, lowered heart rate, and decreased body temperature.

3rd stage – Deep Sleep is crucial when it comes to the cellular repair process. It is when the brain and the body get relaxed and the individual enters into a deep sleep.

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep is the stage of sleep where the most dreaming episode takes place. In a physiological sense, REM sleep involves several peculiar – albeit entirely normal processes.

The eyes shift quickly behind the eyelids from side to side, breathing becomes erratic, and heart rate and blood pressure levels rise considerably compared to non-REM sleep stages. Again, based on the above-cited research, CBD does not appear to directly affect any specific stage of the sleep-wake cycle.

Final Thoughts – Nightmares and Bad Dreams from CBD Oil:

All in all, there is little concern that CBD oil causes nightmares or bad dreams. While there are plenty of reports of individuals experiencing weird dreams after taking CBD, there is nothing to support the notion that CBD specifically causes the problems.

That being said, always remember to use CBD responsibly, and try and do plenty of research before making any purchases to find the safest, highest quality, most reliable CBD products you can afford.

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