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Stress and age-related insomnia have become debilitating for many of us. However, when it comes to finding a suitable sleep supplement, your choice may feel overwhelming. But have you ever heard about cannabis and its sleep aid? Cannabis for sleep is garnering attention due to its effectiveness and legalization throughout the world.

For some savvy cannabis consumers, finding a suitable product is not burdensome. On the other, beginner consumers find it overwhelming and confusing. If you have ever been confused about cannabis strains, their ratios, pros & cons of edibles, and inhaled products, then today’s blog post is for you.

Let’s dive into the cannabis world!

A Quick Refresher on THC, CBD, and Terpenes:

You may be familiar with cannabinoids of the cannabis plant and their potential health benefits. If not, read on learn about them.

  • CBD – the start player. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is federally legal for medical and recreational use. CBD products can contain 0.3% THC, which is the legal concentration. CBD is non-intoxicant means it does not cause euphoria and paranoia among users.
  • THC – one of the prevalent cannabinoids responsible for the high. It is psychoactive means it causes euphoria, head-high, and body-high sensations. Moreover, cannabis products with high THC content are illegal federally. Only some states have legalized the adult use and medical use of cannabis products.
  • Terpenes – natural aromatic compounds with unique therapeutic effects are terpenes. Various plant terpenes are present in plants other than cannabis. Terpenes work with other cannabinoids to produce entourage effects & provide therapeutic effects beyond one single cannabinoid.

If you have ever wondered why some cannabis strains promote relaxation while others boost energy, it is due to the terpene profile. Well, dig into more details!

Finding the Best CBD: THC Ratio for Sleep:

You may hear budtenders about CBD and THC ratio in cannabis strains. Typically, the nurses and dispensary staff guide you to choose cannabis products with particular CBD and THC ratios. Understanding ratios will be a great help when finding a product for you.

There are various cannabis manufacturing brands and companies that made products with varying CBD & THC ratios. For example, a 1:1 product will contain equal amounts of CBD and THC, while a 5:1 product will have more concentration of one cannabinoid. Whenever you choose a product, be sure to pick a ratio that works best for you. Some people find THC dominant products more effective than CBD dominant.

Inhalable Cannabis for Sleep:

Cannabis for Sleep, Cannabis for Sleep: How to Find the Best Product for Your Needs?, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

You may wonder how ratios work for cannabis flower buds. Most cannabis strains are THC dominant that does not mean CBD dominant strains do not exist. It may be challenging to find CBD dominant strain; it does not provide the best sleep solution for everyone.

However, a small amount of CBD can make you more alert; if you are trying CBD dominant strain, be sure to take it earlier before bedtime.

There are three categories of cannabis strains:

  • Indica – calming and relaxing strain
  • Sativa – energetic and uplifting strain
  • Hybrid–balanced effects

Generally, most plant genetics are hybrid as they combine the quality genes from different plants. Additionally, these strains contain terpenes and minor cannabinoids that enhance their effects.

How Does Cannabis Strains Affect Your Sleep Cycle?

Well, you have chosen cannabis to put you to bed faster. It has become an incredible agent to fight insomnia. But you may wonder how cannabis affects the natural sleep cycle. Researchers noticed that humans possess a complex signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system. It comprises three core components that are:

  • Endocannabinoids
  • Cannabinoid receptors
  • Enzymes

The cannabinoids of the cannabis plant interact with the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids such as CBD & THC mimic the natural endocannabinoids to activate the cannabinoid receptors. That is why THC increases deep sleep while decreasing the REM – dream sleep. Moreover, Dream suppression results in a reduction of PTSD symptoms and nightmares. Most people struggle to move past an emotional and challenging event, but cannabis can help provide a restful night’s sleep.

What if you do not have PTSD? People know that cannabis has worldwide acceptance as speeding sleep onset and extending sleep. Your dreams are going to be intense when you take a night off from smoking. Improper cannabis dosage or incorrect choice of strain may leave you lethargic or cause grogginess. However, cannabis is best for sleeping purposes, whether you stick to smoking, vaping, or tinctures.

Start Slow & Go Slow:

If you have decided to take cannabis edibles, take them 1 – 2 hours before bedtime instead of waiting until you climb into bed. Timing your product will allow your body to relax. If you are new to cannabis use, start with a relatively low dosage. FDA has not approved any cannabis-infused product that shows the exact dosage for anyone. However, you can slowly and gradually increase the dosage to experience the curative effects.

Also, be sure to determine the onset time of your chosen product. For example, if you smoke cannabis, you can experience the effects within seconds rather than 15 minutes waiting after inhaling cannabis.

Well, you may not experience anything at the lowest dosage; slow ingestion enables you to find the best dosage for your needs. When you increase the dosage in milligrams each night, you will end up with a dosage that makes you asleep quickly. And, if you are using edibles, allow plenty of time before increasing your dose as they pass through the digestive tract & liver before entering the bloodstream.

Cannabis for Sleep:

Suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders is not easy. Poor night sleep not only affects your health but also impacts your lifestyle and activities. Whether you are an adult or aged, sleep disorders will affect your learning and focus abilities. Aside from suffering a debilitating mental health condition, opt for a natural alternative to cure it. There are plenty of traditional sleep supplements that might be effective but causes other side effects. However, choosing a cannabis product for sleep comes with minimal side effects.

If you are considering taking cannabis-based products, be sure to check your state laws for possession and use of cannabis. Additionally, you can consult your healthcare professional about its possible health benefits and risks.

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