Everyone is using CBD oil and other cannabis-infused products to get therapeutic health benefits. To make CBD oil, manufacturers mix cannabidiol into carrier oils like coconut and hemp oil. Soon after the legalization of cannabis, people opt for CBD products for general wellness and definite health conditions. Like most good things, cannabidiol oil eventually expires.

If you are using few drops of CBD oil to induce better sleep, it will take time to use up the entire bottle. It might leave you questioning yourself, does CBD oil expires, or when do CBD products lapse.

The shelf life of CBD oil range from 1 – 2 years if preserved properly. Well, don’t sweat. Here is a closer look at CBD legibility, what affects the CBD shelf life, or how you can keep CBD-Oil fresh.

CBD Shelf Life:


If you have recently found an old CBD oil bottle in your drawer and wondered to know the shelf life of your product, read on. How long does CBD oil lasts depends upon few factors, from quality to ingredients? An understanding of these factors will help you to determine the CBD shelf life.

Here are some big ones:


Honestly speaking, higher quality products tend to last longer. The cannabis growing condition and quality of the cannabis plant is an indicator of quality. Moreover, the other ingredients like flavonoids, terpene profile for flavor can enhance and reduce the legibility of a product.


What is in your Cannabidiol Oil matters because all ingredients have their shelf life. The shelf life of terpenes can affect the overall lasting power of the product. For checking ingredients, you can read the product label and certification of analysis – COA.

Extraction Process:

Cannabis users know how critical the extraction method is. For the extraction of cannabidiol, the carbon dioxide extraction method is a gold standard. The extraction of CBD maximizes the level of effectiveness and efficacy. Moreover, during extraction, the removal of heavy metals, microbes, pesticides is essential to enhance the CBD shelf life.


Have you ever think why manufacturers use glass jars to pack CBD oil? First, they don’t want to avoid plastic that is terrible for our plant. Secondly, they want to preserve the freshness of CBD oil in recyclable glass jars. CBD oil lasts longer in dark color airtight glass containers. Moreover, the best packaging help protect the CBD oil from exposure to air & sunlight.


You might be thinking about why proper storage is essential. The light and air accelerate the degradation of Cannabidiol oil. An ideal storage place will help you keep your favorite oil effective and fresh.

How to know if Cannabidiol Oil Expired?


Typically, all the packaged items contain an expiration date on the product label. However, sometimes it happens the product label falls off, or you don’t have time to see the fine prints of expiration. You can check the oil by using your senses.

Here are some indicators:


Fresh CBD oil appears to be cloudy when put in a refrigerator. How your CBD oil looks depends upon the temperature and manner you store it. If the oil appearance is alarming, it may be expired.

Funky Smell:

CBD oil has earthy, nutty, or grassy due to the natural cannabinoids. If the smell turns skunky, it is a good sign of its expiration.

Thick & Murky:

The thickness and darkness of CBD oil are a sign of degradation. CBD oil becomes thick and dark on putting in the refrigerator. A couple of minutes at room temperature can return the natural viscosity and color. However, if the darkness persists, the oil has expired.


Trust on your taste buds; if the CBD oil seems unpleasant, it is a sure sign that it’s too old. Usually, the unflavoured CBD oil tastes earthy or grassy. If you use flavored CBD oil, the taste should be palatable. Make sure to check the flavor as an expiration indication.

Will Expired CBD Oil Makes You Sick?

No! the intake of expired CBD oil does not make you sick. However, over time the cannabinoids degrade and lose potency that reduces the effectiveness of the oil. If you are using an old CBD oil, you may not get the desired results.

Typically, the CBD does not spoil or rancid like other oils, but it losses its efficacy. It is essential to check the shelf life of CBD oil before using it.

How to Store Cannabidiol Oil?

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CBD is sensitive to change in temperature, light, and oxygen, making proper storage a must if you want to preserve its potency. Due to the fragile nature of cannabinoids, manufacturers use glass jars to enhance the effectiveness.

A good rule of thumb is to treat CBD oil like other coconut oil or olive oil that is in your pantry. It means protecting the oil from excess light, heat, and air.

Here are some storage tips to enhance the legibility of CBD oil:

  • Keep the oil in its original packaging
  • Store at room temperature
  • Place the CBD oil in a dark place away from sunlight
  • Use a clean dropper or spoon every time you take CBD oil
  • Always make sure to close the bottle properly after use.

The Takeaway:

Cannabidiol can expire, but a typical shelf life should be plenty, even if you don’t use it regularly. Choosing a good quality product with high-quality products can amplify the lasting power. Furthermore, you can enhance the effectiveness of CBD Oil by storing it properly.

The dark glass bottles are an indicator of good quality CBD products. The glass jars not only help with temperature control but also keeps their potency.

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