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CBD products are extracted from natural cannabis plants. These plants belong to the family of marijuana, but their effects are moderate, not toxic. In recent times the use of the cannabis plant in the number of recreational and pharmaceutical products has increased. It also treats chronic pain. Cannabis-based products come from drying the flowering tops, leaves, and stems of the cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant. With the increasing demand for these products in medicine and treatment, any companies invest in cannabidiol-based products’ mass production. Since the FDA doesn’t guarantee the quality, safety, or effectiveness of CBD brands, it is essential to do thorough research before buying these products. Among the numerous CBD products available in the market, one brand stands out – Zatural.

Zatural is one such brand that has an excellent international reputation. Zatural was established in 2018. It specializes in producing natural remedies that have the lowest side effects. Zatural is different from other companies because it uses all-natural ingredients for its products and avoids chemicals, fillers, and additives of all kinds. The brand was founded by DR Maryann Stanger, a naturopathic doctor specializing in digestive health. She is also a certified aromatherapist. 

After observing CBD’s effects on her life and those around her, she realized that it works miracles. Thus she invested herself in the mission of sharing these CBD products with as many people as she possibly could so that others might also benefit from them. 

Zatural CBD Review: Pros & Cons, Best Products, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog
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Zatural is a relatively famous brand, and it has a good reputation when it comes to the word of controversies. Zatural claims that it uses all-natural products, and it is true because the company has never got a letter from the FDA. This is an excellent achievement in the pharmaceutical world. 

It also proves that zatural doesn’t make false claims about its products. Moreover, they have never gotten into any lawsuits and the BBB, also called the Better Business Bureau, had given it an A rating.

Quality and Transparency  

Zatural proudly shares the details about its CBD processing on each product. You will see that it uses Colorado-grown hemp for all of its products. 

The use of carbon dioxide is common in extracting CBD from hemp. There are no chemicals and solvents in this method, and it is a reasonably clean procedure. Moreover, Zatural claims that its hemp is naturally grown without fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals.

These claims have been tested internally and by ISO 17025 complaint third-party lab. The certificate of analysis is posted on the description of each product. All these things are enough to give a good overview of the product before using it.  

Product Range and Pricing 

Zatural has a broad range of edibles, oils, soft gels, and many personal care products like bath bombs, essential oils, creams, and sanitizers. It also produces dog products. The prices of all these products vary depending on each product’s potency. Mostly the prices are around $12 to $200. The company offers discounts to senior citizens and the military to make these products more accessible.   

Zatural Products

There is a diverse range of zatural products, but some products become customer favorites and gain popularity. So here are some of the most famous zatural articles.

Zatural CBD Review: Pros & Cons, Best Products, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog
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Zatural Cannabis Broad-Spectrum Drops

This product comprises two simple ingredients hemp-seed oil and CBD oil. This product is very famous, and you can get it on the website. It is available in different natural flavors like lemon-lime, natural sweet, coffee, cinnamon, spearmint, and peppermint. Plus the CBD oil has its own benefits. 

Zatural Cannabis Broad-Spectrum Cbd Soft Gels With Melatonin

This product is used to improve sleep quality. It uses 25 mg of CBD and 1 mg of melatonin. Another soft gel doesn’t have melatonin, and it has excellent reviews. The buyers claim that their sleep has improved a lot with Zatural soft gels’ help.

Zatural Cbd Hot Cream

This hot cream is beneficial in pain-relieving, and it is in huge demand. It is available in different potencies ranging from 1000 mg to 500 mg. It contains 250 mg to 2000 mg of pure CBD oil. This is mixed with menthol formula to bring support to any injured area. The customers highly recommend this product.

How to choose Products

While shopping from Zatural you must determine what kind of products you are looking for. The company sells hemp oil products that do not have CBD in them. If you are looking for CBD products, you must visit the CBD section specifically. The products have detailed descriptions of the ingredients on the packing. To make sure you get the right product, please go through that description.

Pros and Cons of CBD products

There are a lot of benefits of CBD-based products. So we must get into the pros first.

Anxiety Relief 

According to different researches, CBD has proven helpful in reducing stress levels. CBD can change how our brain’s receptors respond to serotonin (a chemical linked to mental health). One study found that 600mg of CBD helps people with anxiety give a speech. Thus, it can help reduce stress, improve symptoms of PTSD, and improve sleep.


An American epilepsy society says that cannabidiol medicine can help epilepsy patients. Even though the research is still underway but the results are promising.


CBD can help people with neurodegenerative disorders. Researchers are locating the receptor that can help determine how CBD can help such patients. CBD products can medicate diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and stroke.

Pain Relief

CBD products can help the brain receptors that manage pain. It can also be beneficial after chemotherapy in pain reliving. It can help as an anti-inflammatory agent, and some studies have suggested that it can reduce the pain caused by arthritis, muscle pain, spinal cord injury.

Cancer Treatment

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that CBD can help alleviate the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of the treatment. However, NCI doesn’t recommend cannabis as a treatment for cancer.

Overcomes Insomnia

CBD products are a go too solution for people who have insomnia. Instead of putting up with long nights and sleeping problems, a pill of CBD can help manage insomnia.


Many people use CBD products, and they have tolerance against the side effects. CBD can cause a feeling of dry mouth. Effects on the digestive system are also evident, like diarrhea and less appetite. Some CBD products also cause the state of drowsiness and fatigue. 

Research has shown that it can also interact negatively with other medications that you might be taking. For example, people who are taking blood thinners must avoid CBD items. According to Harvard Health Publishing, CBD can also have a negative impact when used with warfarin and grapefruit juice.


CBD can be very effective and has many medical and recreational uses. It is crucial to find out the best quality products with all-natural ingredients. The Zatural brand has pretty good reviews and has a good reputation in the FDA. There is a diverse range of products that you can choose from, and the details on the packing can help a lot in understanding the manufacturing process. 

You must keep the pros and cons of these products in mind, and if you are already on any medication, you must consult with your doctor before using CBD products.

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