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The booming CBD market has brought numerous Cannabis consumption methods. From CBD oil to CBD edibles, there are plenty of ways to reap the wellness benefits of CBD. Also, most people think about smoking when hearing about medical marijuana that has faded into the background. There is another incredible option that is CBD oil. But what if you don’t tolerate the taste of CBD oil?

CBD oil has become extraordinarily popular among cannabis users due to its appealing properties. With cannabidiol oil, you can fix your health ailments and promote wellness with its therapeutic effects.

Besides its enticing effects, some users cannot bear the earthy flavor of cannabidiol. To gain maximum health benefits from CBD, you need to keep oil drops under your tongue for few seconds. In this way, tiny mouth capillaries absorb the chemical compound promptly. However, many users found its taste unpleasant, describing it as earthy & grassy.

Luckily, there are few remarkable ways to mask the taste of cannabidiol. Continue reading to learn these ways.

1.      Have a Snack Handy:

The most incredible way to mask the flavor of CBD is by using food. You can grab your favorite oil to take when administering CBD oil. Once your minute and a half are up, you can eat your snack to replace the taste with something better.

One of the most common choices is the use of antioxidant-rich chocolates. Additionally, you can place a square of chocolate under your tongue after taking CBD oil.

2.      Use Mints:

Similar to chocolates and snacks, you can opt for mints. Most people use the following things to get rid of earthy taste:

  • Mint
  • Tic Tac
  • Chewing Gum

You can tuck the mint under your tongue along with CBD oil to change the taste. It will leave your breath fresh and will leave a more refreshing taste on your palate.

3.      Brush Your Teeth Right Before Use:

If you are a regular CBD user, you might get familiar with the taste of it. Whether you take CBD in the morning or night, remember to brush beforehand. It will allow your tongue to experience the minty flavor rather than the earthy taste of cannabidiol.

4.      Breath Through Your Nose:

Well, it is not the best way to mask the taste of CBD oil, but it will allow you not to draw air over your tongue. Numerous studies found that holding the nose can stop you from tasting altogether. Ever wondered why food does not taste good when you have a cold? Because a cold nose blocks your taste receptor. Right now, you might be thinking about masking the taste of CBD oil by holding your nose.

5.      Keep a Drink Nearby:

It is probably an incredible idea to wash away the taste when you have taken CBD oil. Even water will get rid of the taste, but it will take few swings to dispel the flavor. Some CBD oil users report that a cup of coffee is a great option to take after the pine flavor of CBD oil. However, make sure to cool down before you drink it.

Well, if coffee is not your thing, you can try fresh fruit juice or lemon water. Lemon water and fresh juices are delicious and refreshing options.

6.      Drop Some Honey Under Your Tongue:

What’s more, you can try an incredible natural sweetener. Honey works well in reducing the stale taste of liquids. You can drop few honey drops along with CBD oil to allow your tongue to notice the nice taste of honey. Hopefully, a few drops of sweetener – honey will make your experience remarkable.

7.      Try CBD Isolates:

CBD is not the only cannabinoid in the pure hemp extract; it contains hundreds of chemical compounds. Terpenes, flavonoids, cannabigerol, cannabichromene are some primary cannabinoids. Some users report that the CBD isolate products are tasteless as they only contain cannabidiol.

Contrary to this, full-spectrum CBD oil carries all cannabinoids, including terpenes, flavonoids, and more. Terpenes are natural aromatic compounds that impart unique aromas to the product. However, you may don’t like the taste of these terpenes. That is why people opt for isolated CBD products that lack distinctive taste and aroma.

Well, choosing CBD isolates will end up in a lack of additional medicinal benefits of other cannabinoids. If you can not bear the taste, you can switch to CBD isolates.

8.      Mix the Oil With Edibles:

One of the significant ways to experience the effects of CBD is sublingual ingestion. However, you can mix CBD oil with the foods and drink you take. Typically, it is the slowest way to experience the effects as CBD pass through the digestive system and liver before reaching the bloodstream. But it certainly does taste better!

Add few drops of CBD oil for salad dressing and eat the nutrient-rich with therapeutic effects of CBD. The maximum absorption time of CBD edibles is an hour. So, don’t overdose, allow your body to experience the effects of cannabidiol.

9.      Swallow the Oil With Yogurt:

Another incredible way to minimize the grassy taste of CBD is the use of yogurt. Trying cannabidiol with something sweet and tasty will enable you to obtain its wellness benefits. For example, you can try sweet vanilla yogurt to mask the nasty taste. Simply take a spoon of yogurt at the same time you take CBD oil.

10. Purchase Some Vcaps:

Vcaps offer an excellent way to administer CBD oil if you hate the taste. Generally, these are empty capsules in which you can fill CBD oil to take as regular pills. Once again, this method means you are taking CBD through ingestion and will experience the effects after an hour.

Vcaps are perfect if you are health-conscious and care about your environment. Whether you purchase a pre-made CBD oil capsule or make your own, it is an incredible way to experience the curative CBD effects.

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