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The cannabinoid is a non-psychoactive compound obtained from the Cannabis plant. When it comes to its use in sexual enhancement, CBD does wonder. Researches have proved that it enhances libido and has placebo effects. Hence, it can be used as an aphrodisiac, while the perfect doses for use are awaiting proper research. CBD is available on the market in many forms, be it liquid solutions like serums or lotions, and substantial doses as tablets too, which can work miracles in bed-room. People still debate whether it is helpful to take cannabinoids for sex. Hence, let’s dig deeper.

How Does It Act

Our body has a well-defined endocannabinoid system that acts on the nervous system and other body organs. The body activates it once the compound binds with its receptors. Such receptors have also been identified in reproductive organs like male testicles. By interacting with these receptors, CBD helps raise libido and make one feel exhilarated. Likewise, the placebo effect associated with increased libido and sexual activity is conjugated with ECS receptors found in the brain.

One other perspective of pumping up libido is conjoined with CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety (along with performance anxiety) and depression. Such debilitating and devastating mental disorders decrease one’s ability to perform well sexually.

Talking about its effect on female sex drive, CBD cannot be let go unsung. It also boasts a female sex drive and gets her erotic and sexually active, too, as men.
One reproductive anomaly in men is erectile dysfunction which can be a short-term or a long-term threat. 

Cannabinoids increases blood flow.

But CBD, Cannabidiol oil, acts as a life-saver by increasing blood flow in the penile region and causes soothing effects on nerves too. But deep-rooted research is still necessary to understand why CBD decreases blood flow in the heart and decreases blood pressure. While at the same time, it increases flow to male genitalia.

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Cannabinoids relaxes the muscles and improves lubrication.

CBD also enhances the substandard level of libido or decreased sex drive. This gets one high in terms of sex and has an advanced placebo effect due to its receptors on the brain.

One challenge female faces while having sex is a low level of lubrication and not-so-enjoyable sex. CBD, however, relieves this. As our body has many receptors for CBD to act, including reproductive tissues, it helps increase lubrication. In contrast, sex in females produces the body’s lubricants from reproductive cells and has a calming effect and delightful experience.

Another trouble experienced during sex is spastic muscles. Cannabidiol produces lubricants in the body and helps relaxing spastic muscles to have an ecstatic sex experience.

Researches have explicitly shown profound results in CBD’s ability to raise lubrication and relax muscles.

Cannabinoids improves brain function.

As a non-psychoactive compound, CBD acts as a miracle drug in calming and relaxing the brain during sex. Cannabinoids has antagonistic effects on anxiety and relieves a person’s mood, too, making them exhilarated and euphoric during sex intercourse.

It relieves pain.

You can easily overcome the pain associated with sex in females by consuming CBD. It relieves pain, making one enjoy sex and alleviating anxiety, making women more erotic. Apart from that, this helps women struggling through their menopause phase. They produce lesser lubricants due to decreased reproductive hormonal levels, especially estrogen. Cannabinoids make them euphoric and erotic, too, by releasing more oils to lessen dryness and ease difficulty while having sex.

Oxytocin, a well-known hormone for making love and strong bonding with partners, can also be raised by consuming CBD. In this way, CBD helps improve partners’ communication power, physically and mentally, both for a better and an elite sexual experience.

CBD improves one’s mood.

CBD builds raised confidence levels in partners, making them more comfortable around each other. Cannabinoids help in arousing well and reaching orgasms concurrently, so no partner has to worry about or get anxious about their performance during sex.

Sex an ecstatic feeling, at the same time makes one exhausted and weary with less vigor and energy. But CBD solves this trouble through its excellent relaxant and loosening up a property, helping one get wondrous sleep afterward.

It is always advisable to use CBD for half an hour or a little more (optimally) before hitting your bed-room. It supplies ample time for CBD elements to work effectively on their respective receptors at particular body tissues and boost libido and sex drive.

This picture shows an image of a couple which is related to the topic CBD for sex.

A Severe Concern To CBD Users

A grave concern related to CBD (Cannabidiol) is its effect on fertility, i.e., the ability to reproduce. It has been found in several experiments conducted that CBD, with its undeniable therapeutic and enhancing effects in sexual intercourse, can drastically decrease one’s chance to get pregnant. It does this by reducing various hormonal levels responsible for conception and maintenance of pregnancy like Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), Luteinizing hormone (LH), estrogen, and others. Deep-rooted research is still a must in this field. 
Also, it reduces sperm count, motility, and development in males.

The Bottom Line

Based on their results, some researchers argue that CBD has no effects on overall sexual-drive except a simple, pleasing impact as in ‘placebo.’ Besides that, its approval is based only on its ability to prove non-toxic.

On the contrary, some emphasize its striking feature of causing an intense orgasm in individuals suffering from performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, decreased lubricant production, struggling menopause, or reduced confidence level.

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