How to Choose the Best CBD Product, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

Regardless of the kind you pick (isolate, broad-, or full-spectrum), ensure the product you buy is one of high quality and safety standards.

The best CBD suppliers will provide test results from third-party laboratories; you can usually enter your lot number from the bottle on the company’s website and either find a link to the quality check results, or request an email with the information. This will also provide the THC content in your bottle, which should be zero for isolate and broad-spectrum, and no higher than 0.3 percent for full-spectrum products.

Additionally, be wary of brands that tout baseless claims, or even reasonable but unsupported ones.  While research is promising for CBD, few definitive conclusions have been drawn in the medical communities for its use.  A reputable CBD company will never claim to cure or treat a condition or disease with its product.

And remember: user reviews are your friend.  While no product out there is right for everyone, you should see an overwhelming number of positive reviews for a brand before purchasing. It sounds superficial, but unbiased reviews are, when taken as a whole, an excellent resource: they can give you a good idea of the results and effects you might experience, and whether or not a brand is worth its price.

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