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CBD won’t usually cause side effects, but some users report dry mouth, fatigue, and upset stomach or reduced appetite.  Others may experience mood changes, like irritability.  These are typically effects of the CBD itself, and therefore they can occur with all CBD products: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum.

Overall, CBD isolate and broad-spectrum are generally tolerated very well.  CBD with THC and other compounds, however, might be a different story for some. For one thing, the side effects of CBD may be more pronounced: longer-lasting fatigue, for example, or headaches and nausea.

It’s also possible that those sensitive to THC can experience anxiety as a result of taking full-spectrum CBD, and even potentially dangerous symptoms like dizziness or trouble staying awake.  Insomnia is another risk, even though CBD is often touted as a cure for this.

Sometimes, the culprit is the brand you’re using; other times, you may simply need to cut your dosage down to a smaller amount.  This is especially true of full-spectrum CBD, since the entourage effect mentioned earlier means less of a full-spectrum product will do more than an isolate.  

Some users report better results if they take CBD before bed, instead of in the mornings.  Anecdotally, it’s been suggested that increasing your water intake before and after ingesting CBD can help banish some side effects, like headache or dry mouth. 

As unappealing as it is, the answer comes down to testing yourself.  Track your symptoms’ baselines for a few days before and during CBD use, and write down any and all changes you notice, for better or worse.  Include brands, dosages, and times.  After a few weeks, you can properly gauge how your CBD is affecting you, if at all.

Another important risk to note is that CBD products are not regulated like drugs and most vitamins currently are.  This means that some products might say they’re THC-free, but still contain trace amounts; others might have the opposite issue.  For this reason, if you’re avoiding THC due to drug testing for any reason, experts recommend avoiding CBD altogether.

What’s more, you’ll want to research brands thoroughly and choose one with a stellar reputation in the CBD community.

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