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Are you considering cannabidiol oil to ease the symptoms of some health conditions? More and more people are taking CBD to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and more. But how will you get to know that CBD oil is real or fake? There is a wide variety of CBD products out there, from oils to topicals and edibles. For a beginner, it might be overwhelming to choose the right product.

Understanding the CBD product label is more complicating as FDA has not approved any nonprescription CBD product.

Instead, it is up to you to research before buying a CBD product. Well, it’s not hard to understand a CBD product label to make an informed choice about your health supplement. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid means it does not cause hallucination. Due to this appealing property, people are taking CBD for general wellness.

Here are some points to avoid rip-offs with these fake CBD oil companies.

1. Fraudulent Sales With Health Risk:

If you are buying CBD oil online, be sure to check the company’s website. If the company is using intimidating language and unnecessary health claims, avoid buying from them.

Though FDA has not approved any CBD product, but it has warned companies to make fraudulent sales. Moreover, FDA has issued warning letters to all those companies who label CBD as a miracle. Cannabidiol is a natural phytocannabinoid with numerous therapeutic effects that is beneficial for humans. However, CBD does not treat any health condition.

Therefore, when buying a CBD product, remember to check the company’s health claims. Unnecessary health claims result in health risks.

2. Check the Lab Testing Information:

The first and foremost thing for quality products is a third-party lab testing report. Company’s certificate of analysis – COA is the indication of transparency. A COA includes product batch number, CBD & THC levels, certificate of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides within allowable limits.

Instead, if a product lacks a testing report or has an outdated COA, these are clear indicators that the product does not contain labeled ingredients. All information related to a product must be available on the brands’ website for quality assurance. Or company should mention that QR code to scan that will lead you to this detail.

3. Check the Marketing Claims on the Product Label:

If a bottle of CBD oil or any other product claims to cure anxiety or fix sleep problems, these are big red flags. You might be familiar that marketing claims are only legal for prescribed drugs, and FDA has not approved CBD products.

When buying CBD oil, be sure to check the marketing claims to avoid fake CBD sellers. If purchasing CBD oil is confusing and overwhelming, you can consult your healthcare professional for guidance.

As you need to be warry about outlandish information, you must also be cautious about labels that do not provide enough details. You must look for a product that mentions how much CBD you will get per serving. It will help you avoid overdosing and assure you to buy a product with those ingredients you are looking for.

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4. Product Pricing:

CBD Oil Is Real or Fake, How to Tell If CBD Oil Is Real or Fake: Check Customer Reviews, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

Another indicator to check whether the CBD oil is real or fake is the price. Fraudulent companies offer the highest and cheapest selling techniques.

Usually, they try to grab customers by:

  • Limited time offer
  • Buy one, get one free
  • Free trial of CBD oil

A company selling fake CBD products jack up the price as high as the customer can pay. On the other hand, a company selling low-quality products will sell them at cheap rates. If a company or CBD vendor is luring you by offering cheap products, avoid buying them.

When buying CBD, make sure to check the prices of products to ensure the quality and safety of the product. If there is an extreme difference between prices, check the label ingredients for what you are paying.

5. Product Packaging:

Product packaging determines whether your CBD oil is real or fake. All reliable and trusted CBD companies pack their products in dark glass bottles to preserve the cannabinoid profile. Amber or dark glass bottles preserve the cannabidiol molecule from UV breakage.

Instead, if a company uses plastic or clear glass bottles, do not purchase from them. Clear glass bottles and plastic jars cannot preserve the cannabinoid profile and other ingredients from environmental damage. Therefore, it is said to preserve CBD oil in a dark place away from direct sunlight.

6. Look at the Ingredients:

Some CBD products come with preservatives, sweeteners, and essential oils. Checking out the ingredients of your selected product will allow you to avoid those ingredients which you do not want to ingest.

When looking for CBD oil, try to find a product with cannabidiol and high-quality carrier oil, such as MCT oil. However, if you are looking for gummies, you must look at the terpenes profile and other ingredients. Terpenes are natural aromatic compounds that not only impart flavors but have therapeutic values.

Lastly, it is crucial to note whether you are getting hemp seed oil or CBD oil. There is a huge difference between them. Some local vendors intentionally mislabel hemp oil as CBD oil, avoid them.

Final Verdict:

CBD oil has garnered lots of traction in the human health and wellness department. People have incorporated it into their wellness regimen to improve various health conditions, such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, and more. Due to the exploding popularity, more and more brand is introducing their innovative products. But all are of not equal quality. To avoid these scammers, you can check the above-listed points. It will help you identify whether the CBD oil is real or fake.

If a company or brand is not providing all information about their products, avoid buying products from them. Currently, the CBD market is unregulated; you have to research properly in buying quality products.

Start your CBD journey today!

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