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CBD oil has gained much traction among cannabis enthusiasts as a natural remedy for several ailments. People are taking CBD oil for health conditions ranging from arthritis to epilepsy. Taking CBD oil causes fewer side effects as compared to other medications. However, the possible adverse effects of administrating CBD oil must contain diarrhea.

Though CBD oil is not psychoactive and intoxicant, the possibility of diarrhea and fatigue is too much. Most probably, you can think about why people take CBD to reduce irritated bowel syndrome if it causes diarrhea. Well, it seems a little odd, but we will explore why using CBD oil causes diarrhea.

CBD Oil diarrhea – Is it a normal side effect? Let delve into it!

Why Am I Getting Diarrhea from CBD Oil In the First Place?

Some CBD oil user reports that they feel sick to their stomach soon after using it. Aside from an upset stomach, you can also take several trips to the bathroom as diarrhea takes hold. Do you think that you are unlucky as cannabidiol is not working well for you?

Well, CBD oil does not necessarily cause diarrhea as a side effect, it could be other ingredients in the CBD oil causing gastrointestinal distress.

CBD typically helps stomach issues!

Most users report that cannabidiol is effective in managing stomach issues. When you take cannabidiol, it binds with the CB1 receptors to reduce the excessive gastric acid. Moreover, it increases the blood flow in the stomach lining for a speedy recovery and assists the lower esophagus in preventing reflux.

If you have a Gastrointestinal Infection with CBD, you need to analyze the ingredients. Similar to other health supplements, the ingredients of a product make a difference. Also, the growing procedure and quality of soil significantly reduce the efficacy of the product.

Perhaps the most potent issue causing the side effect is the carrier oil used with CBD. To make CBD easily digestible and discreet, manufacturers use various carrier oils. Some common carrier oils are MCT oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and hemp seed oil. All these carrier oils enhance the bioavailability of cannabidiol.

Beware MCT Oil:

One of the most primary carrier oil used with CBD is MCT oil that is a culprit for stomach pain, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. So, it can cause diarrhea when you use CBD oil for a long time.

Have you ever tried a ketogenic diet? One of the biggest fads of the modern era is the use of coffee drinks. These drinks mainly consist of brewed coffee, MCT oil,  and grass-fed unsaturated butter. The proponents of coffee drinks claim that it improves brain functioning and energy levels. But you must tend to get an upset stomach for the short term.

In some other cases, the users report that they rushed to the bathroom after taking coffee drinks. Some experts feel that it is the fats from MCT oil that makes the situation worse. Additionally, some users who take coconut oil to improve cholesterol report diarrhea as a side effect.

How to Avoid Disaster Pants When Using Diarrhea?

Traveling or moving anywhere with diarrhea seems funny. If you are interested in trying CBD oil and want to avoid the possible side effects, you need to understand the ingredients. If the product label does not contain ingredients, you can ask the firm making these products.

Another option is to try different CBD oil with different ingredients and formulations to know the side effects. If a certain combination of ingredients causes diarrhea, you can avoid it. And if you find that all CBD oil formulations cause diarrhea, it will be the CBD itself that is causing diarrhea. Additionally, you can look for edibles, capsules, and other products.

Moreover, if you take CBD oil and have diarrhea, make sure to stop its use until the effects have gone. Also, be sure to dictate the other possible reason for diarrhea, such as stress or diet. Lastly, if CBD oil diarrhea does not cure, consult your healthcare professional as you may have other causes of diarrhea unrelated to CBD oil.

The Bottom Line:

The FDA has not regulated any CBD-infused medication except Epidiolex. If you want to administer CBD, make sure to source it from a reliable and trusted seller. Numerous brands and companies are offering high-quality products a few minutes of research can help you find them.

The World Health Organization has marked CBD a well-tolerated and safe cannabinoid to use. Besides other traditional medications, it offers a wide range of health benefits with minimal side effects. Moreover, you can take it in various discreet forms, including topicals, edibles, and vape products.

Generally, mild diarrhea results from using elevated CBD oil dosage for a prolonged time. If you are using minute CBD doses the chances of side effects are rare.

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