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Even if you are not a bath person, there is no denying that an hour to yourself soaking in a luxury tub of warm bubbles is a great way to unwind. But if you are a fan of bath time, you might have heard about CBD bath bombs – a new trend in the CBD industry. These fizzy balls have gained hygiene hype in the market.

Bath bombs boast a wealth of relaxing and beneficial properties and impart aromatherapeutic effects. You may wonder to know what exactly a bath bomb does. Or should you bother forking over your hard-earned money for one? Most CBD users consider that CBD in the bath bombs fad after one month.

Lots of questions come to mind when you think of trying any new product. Well, fret not. In this article, we will provide all the essential information about these bath bombs. Let dive into more details!

What Is a CBD Bath Bomb?

Most of us know what a CBD bath bomb is. However, if you are new to this concept, consider a small ball dissolving in your bathwater. A bath bomb will produce an explosion of suds and colors to fill your bathroom with unique aromas. In general, a CBD bath bomb is a bath full of cannabidiol.

Today people are using bath bombs for several health ailments, including back pain, sleepless nights, sensitive and oily skin, etc. You might have tried CBD oil drops to manage your pain and inflammation. But what if you soak your body into a cannabidiol bath for an hour? CBD oil in the bath bomb works fast and helps your body to unwind quickly. If you have applied a topical product to reduce muscle soreness or joint pain, you know it targets specific areas.

Bath bombs are a new topical product in which infused essential oils provide supplementary benefits. Besides other topical products, bath bombs are not cheap. So, is it worth buying a CBD bath bomb? Do they offer much more than a bubble bath?

Let us see!

Type of CBD:

Before trying bath bombs, you may want to know what type of CBD is in bath bombs. Well, if you have stumbled upon this post because you love bath bombs but know nothing about CBD – let us clear some things up.

Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. It is one of the most prevalent non-psychoactive compounds that doesn’t cause euphoria. Unlike THC, CBD does not include hallucinations associated with cannabis use.

Contrary to THC, CBD is legal across all US states and has become popular as a potent medical substance. Similar to other CBD products, bath bombs differ depending on the types of CBD. Types include:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Isolates

CBD isolates are 99% pure cannabidiol without any additional cannabinoids. However, Full-spectrum contains all cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and delta-9 THC. Similar to full-spectrum, broad-spectrum contain all cannabinoids without THC.

Benefits of a CBD Bath Bomb:

No one can deny the mental and physical health benefits of a nice bath. With CBD baths, you can take out some time out of the daily grind and also get essential oils soaked in the bath bomb. Moreover, CBD heals the skin and moisturizes it completely.

Some research studies found that CBD oil has a positive impact on sebocyte activity – the cells which produce sebum. The overproduction of sebum results in pimples on the skin. CBD in the Bath bombs can manage sebum production and reduce inflammation.

Additionally, the antifungal and antibacterial effects of CBD help reduce infections on the skin. So, bathing with a CBD bath bomb or bath salt will help you manage skin conditions, inflammation, and pimples on the skin.

A systematic review of CBD oil consumption found that it promotes calmness and relaxation. So, CBD bath bombs are also effective in promoting relaxation throughout the body.

Legality and Safety of a CBD Bath Bomb:

Generally, CBD is a safe and well-tolerated cannabinoid to use. As long as you buy CBD products from reputable sellers, it will not harm you. Whenever buying a CBD product, be sure to check the 3rd party lab testing and the company’s manufacturing process to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

The Farm Bill 2018 has legalized the use of hemp-derived products. All hemp-derived products contain less than 0.3% THC that is legal for medical and recreational use. If you want to buy any CBD product, remember to check your state medical marijuana laws for possession and purchase of CBD.

If you live in a cannabis-friendly state, it is convenient for you to purchase any CBD product. Before buying, assure the quality of the hemp products for your safety.

Final Thoughts:

Okay, you have decided to soak your body in therapeutic CBD to get its relaxing effects. There are multiple bath bombs and bath salts available in the market. You can opt for a product that suits your preferences and needs.

If you have tried a CBD bath bomb, share your experience with us. We would love to know your thoughts!

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