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Young-looking and supple skin indicate overall good health. Your skin reflects what is going inside your body. As you get older, your internal processes slow down and take a longer time to recharge. Slow workout recovery leaves room for wrinkles, aging, and fatigue. Well, agonize not. CBD and the premature aging relationship are beneficial for you.

Over time your supple and young-looking skin becomes dull and wrinkled. However, premature aging occurs when the signs of aging appear early. All people indeed have different aging signs and symptoms, but expectedly it appears in the late 30s and onwards.

If you suspect these changes earlier, then rush out to avoid them. But before this, let’s find out why it happens and more.

Signs of Premature Aging:

Generally, the aging process is not similar for all people, but some common signs indicate aging. If you noticed them before 35, it is premature aging.

  • Sun Spot:

The flat spots that appear on your skin upon sun exposure are sunspots. It can develop on your face, forearms, and back of your hands. Typically, people with fair complexion see these spots earlier.

  • Gaunt Hands:

With time, your skin becomes thin due to a lack of structuring proteins, such as collagen. It’s the most common sign of aging when your hands become wrinkled, veiny, and thin before your 30s or 40s.

  • Inflammation or Hyperpigmentation Along with Chest:

Some people develop pigments around the chest area upon sun exposure. However, this kind of hyperpigmentation is not due to aging; it is eczema. Eczema is a skin condition which damages melanin skin cells.

  • Dry or Itchy Skin:

Dry or itchy skin due to skin thinning or dehydration also indicates premature aging. Typically, your skin is more prone to flaking as you are near to your 40s.

  • Wrinkles or Sagging:

Over time, your skin slows down its collagen production. Collagen is responsible for skin structure and shape. Less collagen leads to wrinkles and thin skin. You might have noticed that wrinkles appear on areas exposed to sunlight.

Causes of Premature Aging:

There are a couple of different factors that trigger premature aging. These include:

  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure
  • Tanning
  • Genes
  • Sleep habits
  • Diet
  • Alcohol & caffeine intake
  • Environment
  • Stress

However, one of the significant causes of premature aging is the production of less collagen. Fewer production of collagen cannot adhere to the skin cells, and your skin loses elasticity.

Less collagen, less elasticity, and less suppleness!

How CBD Can Help?

Cannabidiol, well-known as CBD, is one of the intoxicating cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid that is non-psychoactive. After extraction, its crystalline powder is mixed with carrier oil to make CBD oil. Manufacturers of skincare products add CBD oil to their products to make them more effective. But how does that work?

Our body contains a natural signaling system – the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system has three core components, cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes.

CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors of ECS by mimicking the natural endocannabinoids. With age, your body process fewer endocannabinoids that regulate various body functions. When you take CBD, it helps your body to replenish the diminishing source of endocannabinoids.

Here are some ways CBD can slow down premature aging:

Reduces Inflammation:

Aside from genetics, environmental factors, and less collagen production, inflammation triggers various skin conditions. Inflammation causes redness, acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. CBD is a highly potent natural anti-inflammatory agent that reduces inflammation.

Its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The topical application of CBD cream can effectively reduce rashes, swelling, and red patches on the skin.

Get Youthful Skin with CBD!

Combat Free Radicals:

CBD works harder to minimize free radicals and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress results due to an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. Unstable free radicals cause cellular damage, including aging. CBD is a natural antioxidant that helps you look younger with healthier skin.

Moreover, antioxidants slow down the breakdown of collagen to retain your gorgeous skin. You can find numerous CBD-infused skincare products for anti-aging. From lip balms to CBD creams, there are dozens of CBD products to find out.

Help Improve Skin Elasticity:

Skin elasticity refers to skin’s ability to snap back in its original shape after stretching. Skin loses its elasticity as we age and become saggy, wrinkled, and leathery. One factor that contributes more is repeated exposure to sunlight.

If you realized that your skin doesn’t appear as supple and fresh as in adulthood, it is time to purchase CBD products. The therapeutic effects of CBD will make your skin elastic and glowing.

Alleviate Stress:

Stress and anxiety have become the most prevalent mental health condition. Stress not only turns your hair gray, but it also affects your skin. Well, you can manage your stress with CBD.

CBD interacts with brain receptors to balance the production of cortisol and serotonin hormone. Low levels of serotonin and high levels of cortisol cause depression and stress. Less stress will keep your face wrinkle-free, fresh, and more relaxed.

Final Words – CBD and Premature Aging:

It’s all about CBD and premature aging!

CBD has gained more attraction in all departments of human health. More and more people are using cannabidiol-infused products for general wellbeing and specific health conditions.

CBD also helps your skin remain supple and elastic for much longer, thereby keeping you wrinkle-free for a longer time. Its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD reduces acne and a host of other skin diseases that could contribute to skin aging. CBD oil can also help keep UV rays from damaging your skin, lessening the occurrence of liver spots. Because CBD fights free radicals, pollutants in your environment will not have wreaked as much havoc in your body as they would without CBD.

All in all, living a healthy lifestyle and supporting your body with CBD products will not only make you feel healthier but will also make you look healthier.

Fiza Arooj

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