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potential benefits of CBNpotential benefits of CBN

Most probably, you have heard about cannabis and its cannabinoids. There is a huge surge of people using cannabis and its derivatives for various health ailments. If you are a cannabis savvy consumer, you must have tried CBD & THC. But have you ever heard about CBN and the potential benefits of CBN?

CBD and THC have become the well-known cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. But these are not the only cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa. There are 113 known cannabinoids, such as cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), and more.

All of these cannabinoids have their unique properties, medical benefits, and therapeutic effects. Here we will discuss the lesser-known but potent cannabinoid CBN.

What Is CBN?

Cannabinol, abbreviated as CBN, is one of the most well-known minor cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBN is the 1st naturally occurring phytocannabinoid found in 1896. Generally, it results from the oxidation of THC. Whenever THC exposes to heat and light, it produces CBN.

CBN is a byproduct of psychoactive THC, but it does not have the same psychoactive qualities as THC. Most researchers claim that it has roughly 10% of psychoactive levels as THC.

CBN produces a whole new array of effects and benefits that a person can take advantage of CBN alone or in combination with other cannabinoids. One of the most well-known advantages of CBN are:

  • Sedative
  • Anti-insomnia

That is why most people take CBN to manage sleep issues. It also offers numerous other wellness applications.

Some people confuse CBD and CBN, while they are different and have different chemical formulas. CBNa is the compound that is broken down into CBN. CBNa results from the THCa when it matures and exposes to heat. One noticeable thing is that the cannabis plant does not have CBN itself, only the raw cannabis breakdown into CBN.

Potential Benefits of CBN:

CBN is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that results when THC ages. Typically, it is present in high amounts in older cannabis plants. CBN’s popularity continues to grow for many potential benefits. People with chronic insomnia and who experience a restless night take CBN to put right to sleep.

Let us get to know CBN a little better!

1. Sedative Powers:

Some researchers suggest that CBN can prolong sleep due to its sedative powers. It is not as potent as THC; it has its powerful sedative capabilities to induce better sleep. Only a few milligrams of CBN can relax your body without grogginess and side effects. The sedative properties of CBN open doors for it as a powerful sleep aid.

2. Anti-Bacterial:

Studies have found that CBN is a potent antibacterial agent. In various lab studies, the CBN has been studied on strains of MRSA bacteria resistant to traditional antibiotics. Researchers have found that the CBN is a potent antibacterial agent against these resistant bacterias. CBN may be used to fight against bacterial infections that usual antibiotics can not heal.

3. Neuroprotectant:

CBN may have powerful neuroprotectant properties. A research study found that CBN is effective in delaying the onset of ALS condition. However, before using it on humans, more research studies are necessary. You can use CBN in combination with cannabidiol that can control neurodegenerative disorders.

4. Appetite Stimulation:

Many health conditions or plans affect the patient’s appetite. Unlike CBD, which suppresses the appetite, CBN appears to stimulate it. Moreover, CBN has dramatic benefits when it comes to stimulating hunger in cancer patients or anyone who suffers from appetite loss.

THC is a well-known appetite stimulant, but most people avoid it due to its psychoactive nature. For those people, CBN proves a potential alternative to seek the munchies without high. Well, more research is essential.

5. Glaucoma:

Cannabinol is beneficial for those suffering from glaucoma. One study found that CBN and THC can reduce intraocular pressure – the biggest risk for glaucoma. However, more research is necessary to prove the efficacy of CBN over other glaucoma medications. Some preclinical studies found that CBN can protect the neurons at the back of the eyes, referred to as Neuroprotection. Most people are using CBN-infused eye drops to manage the interocular pressure.

6. Anti-Inflammatory:

The potent anti-inflammatory properties of CBN are capable of reducing inflammation. People with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain use CBN oil drops. Similar to CBD, CBN is incredibly beneficial for those suffering from debilitating pain conditions.

Final Thoughts on Potential Benefits of CBN:

The popularity of CBD and THC continues to grow, but we cannot ignore the minor cannabinoid, such as CBN. Researchers continue to explore the potential benefits of CBN and other cannabinoids. You can get CBN-infused oil, tinctures, capsules, and topicals.

When buying any cannabis product, be sure to opt for a well-reputed company or brand. Lastly, be sure to consult your doctor before incorporating CBN products into your life regime.

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