Do the Benefits of CBD Outweigh Its Potential Risks?, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

Overall, only you can decide if CBD–with or without THC–offers enough promise to make the potential risk worth it, but the general consensus is that high-quality CBD is both safe and effective.

Keep in mind that, while medical studies are promising, the FDA has not cleared any CBD products for therapeutic usage other than Epidiolex (the anti-seizure treatment mentioned earlier). This doesn’t mean that CBD can’t be effective for insomnia, anxiety, or other ailments, however–research seems to support many of those claims, or at least provide enough insight to warrant further study.  

Additionally, it’s worth noting that vitamins and other supplements are not regulated and approved by the FDA either.  Instead, manufacturers are expected to adhere to safety and quality guidelines on their own.  This is why choosing a CBD brand that utilities third-party (unbiased) laboratory testing is crucial in finding a high-quality oil.

Finally, for those still on the fence who are scared to try most CBD products because of the THC content, however small: consider pure CBD isolate first. You can always graduate to broad-spectrum products later, if you don’t get results from CBD alone.

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