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The booming CBD industry is enjoying a greater level of tolerance than marijuana. It is a product from the cannabis plant, but it is non-intoxicating. Most people use CBD to manage health ailments, such as anxiety and insomnia. Some have even turned to CBD as SEXUAL ENHANCER. But does CBD lube for sex works?

Numerous US states have legalized the use of CBD products for medical and recreational purposes. The Farm Bill 2018 has legalized the use of a hemp-derived product with 0.3% THC. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not cause euphoria. Right now, you can find a wide range of products, from edibles to topicals.

Now, CBD is also becoming a popular ingredient for sex. You may wonder to know that using CBD lube for sex makes you high. How do you use it? How does it feel? Which one of lube works best? And so on!

Well, fret not! Here we will walk through everything about CBD lube before pressing the buy button. Let us dive into the details!

How Can CBD Lube Help?

American college of obstetricians and gynecologists found that 75% of women experience pain during sex. Pain with penetration is the primary cause of unpleasurable sex. Most women try lubes to make sex less painful. Using CBD to create lube makes sense as it is anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can prevent irritation and pain during sex.

CBDs’ ability to tackle inflammation and pain is well-known, but it also offers other health benefits. Dynamically, it helps the mind and body to tackle body issues. Moreover, it maintains the body’s homeostasis by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

CBD lube fulfills the function of traditional lubricants and much, much more.

One of the primary reasons why people are using CBD lube for sex is its effectiveness. CBD lube fulfills the lubrication function much and much more. Cannabidiol has the potential to moisturize delicate skin and alleviate inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reduce the inflammation that in turn minimize the pain during sex. Also, it can give an enjoyable sexual experience by promoting relaxation and calmness.

How to Use CBD Lubes?

You can apply the lubricant to the vulva, the inside of the vagina, and the anus, then wait for the ingredients to activate. We recommend reading a sexy story, putting some clothes back on, and generally chillaxing for a bit until some time has passed and you start feeling some effects (or are ready to go to town, so to speak).

In general, CBD lubes are free from irritant chemicals and comes in a gel-like texture. It means it is viscous than traditional lubes that are runny at times. Another common issue with traditional lubes in the market is that they do not last for a long time. Reapplication during sex is buzzkill, so choose the one which lasts for a longer time till the satisfaction of both partners.

To apply, rub it on and around the clitoris and pay attention to the inner and outer labia. You can also apply it inside the vagina as it can heighten sexual desire. Many users claim that they don’t feel any pain with penetration after applying CBD lubes.

One of the most crucial steps is to note the time when CBD affects. Even with the most powerful products, you can experience the effects after 20 minutes of application.

Does CBD Sex Lube Get You High?

Of course, CBD sex lube will not get you high, but can cannabis sex lube?

Although numerous cannabis lube contains THC, they cannot cause a psychoactive high. Besides this, they can increase orgasms and intensity. Some users reports increased relaxation and post-pain-relief.

The vagina is highly absorbent, so when a woman applies lube inside it the chemical travels through the mucous membrane into the muscle tissues. It interacts with localized cell receptors in the ECS to promote calmness and relaxation during intercourse.

Things to Consider When Using CBD Lubes:

Beware of Latex Condoms: Many CBD lubes are oil-based and not latex friendly. It means users run the risk of breaking a condom. Although some brands are marketed as latex-friendly, they can’t guarantee that their product won’t degrade latex, so it is better to be safe than sorry. For those concerned, consider other barrier materials such as polyurethane.

Extra Vaginal Moisture: Most women who have tested high-quality CBD lube admit that it makes them even wetter than normal. It is always a bonus.

Scented Lube: In most cases, CBD lube has no discernible smell.  However, some brands add ingredients to ensure their lube gives off a certain scent. It is up to each user to determine if they want their CBD lube to have any scent whatsoever. Be wary of artificial flavors and fragrances.

Relaxation: Don’t expect to apply the CBD lube and immediately have the best sex of your life. One of its primary benefits is relieving the pain of penetration, but it can also help users relax. Additionally, before partaking in any sexual activity, feeling comfortable with a partner is essential.

Reputable Brands: Do research when purchasing CBD lube. As the CBD industry is not standardized or regulated in any discernible way, there’s a danger of purchasing a low-grade product laden with harmful chemicals.

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