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Did you know that CBD also works wonder for your dry and flaky skin? Dry skin is an uneasy and discomforting condition associated with a scaly, flaky, and cracked appearance. It gives an overall dehydrated and ill moisturized outlook, not appealing to the eyes. Generalized dryness of the body is due to a variety of reasons, some worth-mentioning given as:

  • Lack of humidity in the air
  • Dry, hot, or freezing weather
  • With progressing age, a person becomes more prone to dry skin
  • Bathing for a prolonged duration with boiling water
  • Using certain soaps, shampoos, sanitizer, and other body products that contain highly potent formulas, which strip moisture from the skin
  • Vocation-related dry skin as in kiln workers
  • Frequent bleaching of the skin (as in the parlors)
  • Habitual waxing and shaving 

Certain inevitable medical conditions also cause the skin to lose moisture and become dry and scaly. These are as follows:

  • Psoriasis, a significant skin anomaly with red, scaly, itchy patches all over.
  • Eczema 
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Malnutrition 
  • Less intake of fluids
  • Hypersensitivity reactions and chronic illness 
  • Genetic predisposition to the dry skin
  • Certain potent medications like antihypertensive and antihistamines.

All these conspicuous causes of dry, flaky skin have been treated with none other than Cannabidiol Oil, abbreviated as CBD

CBD acts as a miracle drug in skin conditions conjugated with dryness, scaling, cuts, and cracks. It is a botanical compound from the Cannabis plant. It is popular for its non-psychoactive properties and has been used worldwide for diverse purposes. CBD is a naturally occurring miracle drug for distinctive motives, but Today we will restrict our discussion to CBD use in dry, flaky skin conditions.

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How Does CBD Act On Dry and Flaky Skin

Our body has a well-organized endocannabinoid system with receptors distributed all over the body, spreading not only to the internal organs but externally to the skin as well. CBD binds to these receptors extended throughout the skin surface and cope with a wide range of skin problems, among which dry and flaky skin is under discussion today.

Does a question arise why one shall opt for CBD to treat dry, scaly, and itchy skin? We will discuss reasons for choosing the CBD overall other medications for the treatment of dry skin one by one.

Optimal Sebum Production

Skin is the largest and most external organ of the body has an abundance of sebaceous glands. They are responsible for sebum production, potentially making the skin soft, silky and, smooth. 
When applied topically to dry skin, CBD regulates sebum production and relieves scaly, dry skin.

Experts observe that CBD is responsible for optimal sebum production, as it decreases sebum yield in acne-prone skin and increases in dry, flaky troubles.

Relieves Atopic Dermatitis

It is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by red itchy patches all over the skin, rendering an unappealing appearance overall.

CBD, by its outclassed anti-inflammatory properties, when used in such a condition, relieves the patient of symptoms, assisting in calming the skin to a normal state.

Distinctive Moisturizing Ability

Due to its exceptional rehydrating and moisturizing ability, CBD is highly desirable for use in scaly, dry skin problems. It helps lock the moisture in the skin tissues and assist in healing cuts and cracks.

Scientist also believe that CBD has fatty acids like omega-three and omega 6, adding to its practical use in such conditions.

Potent Antioxidant

As a consequence of its antioxidant and antiaging properties, CBD declines the rate of developing dry, flaky skin associated with age. Vitamin E, a significant antioxidant, is also a content in CBD that fights age-associated dryness of the skin.

This image shows a woman applying CBD on dry skin.

Depleting Dandruff

The leading causal agent of dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis. Using its sebum regulating property aids in reducing scalp problems like dandruff and itching. It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial attributes, making it best suited for use under such conditions.
Folks worldwide experience this grave issue of skin dryness and flakiness with loss of moisture and calmness. Everyone prefers to use skin products composed of natural components to avoid unwanted adverse effects. 
Likewise, steroids also treats the underlying condition, but their use has become obsolete in this field due to its undesirable side effects systemically. When used continuously for a prolonged duration, it causes psychosis, increases in body weight, cataract formation in the eye, kidney diseases, and many more.
While, Cannabidiol when used for treating dry skin, not only relieves the trouble of flakiness but has very few side effects, which are not exhibited in every person.
Researchers also prefer an effective medication as CBD to treat dry skin, which has more natural components than derived artificially, with a relatively lower incidence of dangerous side effects. That’s why the underlying condition cures, but the undesirable and unpleasant adverse reactions are also prevented.

Experimentalists, therefore, have argued to choose and use a recommended product like CBD to deal with the aftermath, too.

Key Note

Aside from attempting various home remedies and using medications with adverse effects outnumbering their uses for dry, scaly skin, Cannabidiolworks wonders and acts as a miracle drug. It not only smoother the dry, troubled skin but prevents bacterial and other microbial infections as well. It is preferable to other cures due to its natural composition and lower incidence of side effects.

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