Nordic oil is one of the leading companies in producing quality CBD products. They are committed to providing their customers with the best services and high-end products. They were established in 2018 by two brothers Dannie and Christian. However, they expanded their business to different parts of the world, such as Germany, the Netherlands, New York, etc. Moreover, it now has over 100 employees that are always busy providing customers with the best experience.

Why is Nordic Oil selling CBD products? 

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is getting popular day by day, and you may have encountered some experts telling you to add it to your coffee or post-workout smoothies. The question is, what is Cannabidiol, and why is it getting popular suddenly?

While we talk about CBD, it is an active ingredient of cannabis-derived directly from the marijuana plant. CBD is used to treat anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and multiple other things. However, to date, there is no evidence that it is harmful or it makes you dependent in any way.

CBD is rapidly getting legal in most countries, and developed countries such as the USA and UK have already made it legal in most states due to its medical uses. Nordic Oil aims to provide awareness globally to the people to offer people a better living free from stress and anxiety. 

They are selling multiple products that help you get a better living and improve your life approach. Each of their product holds particular importance. A few of them are reviewed by the experts below: 


This CBD product by Nordic Oil is specially made for people who have severe pain in any muscle of the body. Moreover, it can also help reduce anxiety and stimulate appetite, just like marijuana, but the good about the Nordic Oil CBD is that it has no psychoactive effects.

Nordic Oil – One of the leading CBD Companies, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog
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The use of CBD oil depends on the user for what purpose he/she is using. It can vary according to the problem. For example, if you are using it for acne, you have to dilute the oil by adding some water to it and then apply it to the skin with the cotton. However, if you are using it to boost your appetite, you have to add a few drops of it to your meals.

The price of CBD oil differs from the CBD concentration in it. It comes in four variants 
5% is the lowest, and 20% is the highest, and the price range of it starts from $48.65 and ends at $119.83

All these oils are tested from the laboratory and safe to use. Moreover, the product’s current customers are more than happy with its effects. 

CBD Capsules

This product is commonly used to treat insomnia and different chronic pain types. Unlike the oil, this has an instant effect on the user. According to the current users, it helps to fall asleep and stay asleep. People who have acute sleeping conditions can use this to get rid of that.

You might think it is like sleeping pills, but no, it does not have any withdrawal effects on the consumers. People dependent on the drugs to sleep can quickly shift onto these capsules to sleep peacefully. 

Nordic Oil – One of the leading CBD Companies, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog
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However, the CBD capsule’s use should strictly be according to the problem’s body and intensity. Excessive use of the pills can negatively affect you, including nausea, irritability, and increased blood pressure. However, if you take them in a controlled way, it is something that you will love.

According to few experts, it is also used to treat cancer. However, research is still going on in this respect. Therefore, it is too early to say anything like that.

The capsules’ price increases with the amount of CBD present in them. The cost of 384 mg capsules is nearly $154.7, and the cost of 960 mg capsules is $250.17

These capsules are also tested by the laboratory and recommended by experts. Therefore, if you have any medical conditions that can be solved with its consumption, don’t think and go for this product.

CBD Paste

Now you might be wondering why use paste instead of the capsules and oil? The answer to this question is straightforward, and IT IS COST EFFECTIVE!

People who have to take a high dosage of CBD should prefer CBD paste because you can get a higher dosage in a smaller amount. Moreover, you can make your CBD products with the paste.

This is also considered one of the best things to get away from the addicts. And you can consume it easily in different ways. According to the experts, this product is highly effective for people who accidentally depend on drugs. IT acts the same as marijuana but without any drawbacks.

The CBD paste price also depends on the concentration of the CBD in it. Paste with 30% CBD in it is $125 and paste with 50% concentration is $215. The prices might seem high to you, but actually, it gives you a benefit over the cost as a tiny amount of paste is used for a higher dosage of CBD, and usually, one pack lasts for more than one month, but it still depends on you and your consumption.

CBD Vape Oil

Nordic Oil – One of the leading CBD Companies, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog
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You can use vape oils in MTL and DL to satisfy the need for marijuana. Some people want to get high, and simultaneously, they don’t want to affect their health inversely. This CBD flavored oil is considered one of the best ways to consume CBD. IT helps to relax your mind and even reduce the pain instantly. 

Why is it considered the most effective way? When you smoke CBD, it directly goes into your bloodstream, and you instantly see the results. Moreover, this product comes in different flavors such as mango, blueberry, strawberry, and mint. You can use any of them, and you will love the taste. 

These flavors are organic, and there is no chemical used in them. Therefore, they are more than safe to use, and you can use them according to your need time. 

CBD Creams and Balms

The most effective way to keep you young and wrinkle-free is the creams rich in CBD. Nordic Oil offers multiple creams and balms that are extremely useful in acne treatment and other skin-related problems.

Nordic Oil – One of the leading CBD Companies, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog
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People currently using these creams are happy with the results, as they do not have any chemicals in them, and they are organic. 

Moreover, you can also apply them to your feet to make your feet more smooth. However, while using these creams on the heels, you have to use specially made CBD cream to make your heels look like a newborn baby. 

If we talk about the balms, you can use them on the lips for a pink and refreshing look. Smokers who have black lips can now relax and smoke whatever they want to because these balms will make your lips pink and shinny again with only a few days of use. 

They offer some CBD gels as well; the pain purpose of these gels is to get you away from the pain caused by an injury or muscular pain. They will instantly make you feel better without leaving any side effects. The good thing about these gels is they are suitable for every skin type. However, if you have any particular skin conditions such as acne or sensitivity, consult your doctor before use.

These creams’ price range starts from $35 and ends at $111. Therefore they are entirely within your budget.

CBD Oil For Dogs

 In recent times the CBD is considered one of the most effective therapy dogs. This product by Nordic Oil will provide them with relief, and the best thing about this oil is that it does not have any THC in it, which is considered not good for your dog. 

It comprehensively helps your dog stay more active and free from all the pain. However, before using it on your dog, you need to consult the doctor and ask for the usage, as it can differ from dog to dog. 

You can use this oil in your dog’s chicken or beef for the best results. Moreover, the price of the product is meager. It comes in a 30 ml bottle, and it costs only £19.99. However, the dog oil rich in CBD is a bit high in price.


Nordic Oil is no doubt one of the best companies to order CBD products, and the product line of the company is perfect. You can find the solution to your every problem in their product line. As our lives’ most significant issue is stress and anxiety, nearly every product on their website can prove beneficial in treating pressure.

We have reviewed every product available on their website in detail, and now it’s your turn to identify the problem and find the relevant product for your use. However, if we talk about the current users’ reviews, almost 90% of them are pleased and satisfied with their products.