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Do you want to incorporate cannabis or marijuana into your daily regime? People around the globe are taking advantage of the natural cannabinoids of the cannabis plants. Also, numerous US residents are consuming CBD products under state marijuana laws. Each US state has its marijuana regulatory law that is why texas residents search for Is weed legal in Texas.

If you are looking for authentic information about weed legislation, read on. In this article, we will clear all your ambiguities related to marijuana use and consumption in Texas.

Is Weed Legal In Texas?

No! weed is illegal in Texas for adult use. However, limited programs offer low THC and high cannabidiol content for legalized patients only.

Legislative History:

In June 2011, the Texas legislature passed Texas Compassionate Act or SB 339 to possess, cultivate, and consume low THC cannabis products. Only the registered patients with the medical marijuana registry can now purchase cannabis. Patients with epilepsy can use low THC & high CBD cannabis to reduce epilepsy symptoms.

Low THC cannabis means it contains less than 0.5% of THC by dry weight. Only permanent Texas residents can register under the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas – CURT.

Texas marijuana laws prohibit the consumption of Low THC by smoking. Therefore, a person smoking flowers will face criminal penalties.

On June 14, 2019, Government expanded the qualifying conditions for possessing cannabis with less than 0.5% of THC. However, there will be a need for a physician’s written certificate for holding and consuming cannabis.

The Texas Department of Public Safety – DPS develops laws and regulations to ensure the legal distribution of cannabis. Furthermore, they implement marijuana laws to ensure quality & safety so that all qualifying patients can get medical cannabis.

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Cannabis?

When it comes to purchasing cannabis, a patient can buy cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries. Only registered patients with qualifying health conditions can use cannabis. Currently, there are three DPS Licensed dispensaries in Texas.

However, if the patient cannot purchase by themselves, two of the three dispensaries will offer home delivery of cannabis.

Currently, only social workers and nurses can deliver weed to the patient. Moreover, there is no Tax information in the state legislature.

Where Is It Safe to Consume Cannabis?

SB 339 does not impose any restriction on the consumption of cannabis anywhere. However, you can avoid cannabis consumption in non-tobacco consuming areas.

Possessing cannabis:

The physician will recommend the cannabis possession limits according to the patients’ condition. Specifically, the marijuana law prohibits smoking flowers. Therefore, patients can not smoke cannabis flowers with THC content above 0.5% of THC.

Furthermore, home cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Texas.

Medical marijuana Registry:

CURT is the system that allows physicians to register and prescribe patients for cannabis use. Only qualified patients can get medical cannabis from state legalized dispensaries. However, there are no Medical Marijuana Cards for consuming and possessing cannabis.

If you are a patient with debilitating epilepsy or any other health condition, you can purchase and use cannabis. But make sure the product does not contain more than 0.5% of THC.

Qualifying conditions:

Here is the list of qualifying health conditions for possessing, consuming, and purchasing cannabis in Texas.

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy or seizure disorder
  • Incurable neurodegenerative diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spasticity
  • Terminal cancer

Patients Requirements:

However, there are no restrictions on age for qualifying patients. The only patient under 18 will need a parent or guardian to get medical cannabis. The medical marijuana registry will authorize the parent to purchase cannabis on the patients’ behalf.

The patient must meet the following requirements:

  • Establish Texas residency
  • Diagnosed with a health condition that grants parent access to medical cannabis
  • Prescribed the use of low THC cannabis by a physician


A patient unable to purchase medical cannabis may have their prescription filled by a legal guardian or parent. However, at that time, social workers and nurses can deliver medical marijuana to the patient.


An only a board-certified physician can recommend the use of medical cannabis to the patient. The physician will provide the accurate dosage as well as dosage instruction to the patient. However, there is no need to prescribe cannabis from state-licensed physicians.

Have you clear with Is Weed Legal in Texas or not? Marijuana is legal for medical use only in Texas state of the United States.

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