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Have you ever think why weed is legal in several US states? Or why people use marijuana/ cannabis products? Generally, people use cannabis and cannabis-infused products due to their potential health benefits. Due to the increasing interest of people, the several state government legalizes marijuana. However, residents of some states still look for weed legality, such as Mississippi residents search for Is Weed Legal In Mississippi.

Read on to learn authentic information about marijuana legality in Mississippi.

Is Weed Legal In Mississippi?

Yes! CBD Oil with low THC content is legal in Mississippi. However, cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal. A person with a qualifying health condition can possess CBD Oil with 15% of CBD, and 0.5% of THC is legal.

CBD Oil is legal for patients with debilitating epilepsy.

Possession of 30 grams or less cannabis is punishable by a fine of $100 – $250. Also, a person with 10 grams of synthetic cannabinoids will pay the fine. Subsequent possession and offense will carry greater penalties.

Legislative History:

Gov. passed HB 1232 bill or Harper Grace Law – on the name of a girl with severe epilepsy in 2014. According to this law, patients with debilitating epilepsy can use CBD Oil. Also, patients and their caregivers can possess resin containing 15% of CBD, or 50 milligrams of CBD per milliliter in liquid form.

CBD oil must not contain more than 0.5% of THC.

The licensed doctor in Mississippi can produce the CBD Oil under physician supervision. However, Only diagnosed patients with epilepsy or related illness can purchase CBD oil.

Mississippi Gov. passed an initiative in November 2020 to legalize marijuana for 22 qualifying medical problems. Under this initiative, patients can possess 2.5 ounces of cannabis.  However, the measure requires the department of health to set up to begin issuing patient ID & dispensaries licenses by August 2021.

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Weed In Mississippi?

A patient can purchase CBD Oil from the University of Mississippi Medical center’s department of pharmacy.

Where Is It Safe to Consume Cannabis?

CBD oil is illegal to consume in a public place. However, qualified patients can consume CBD oil and cannabis-derived medicine in their homes.

Qualifying Conditions:

There is only one health condition for which CBD Oil is legal.

  • Debilitating Epilepsy or related illness


What are the laws on possession of a small amount of marijuana in Mississippi?

A small amount of marijuana possession is a punishable act with a fine of $100 to $250. Possession of 30 grams/ 1 ounces of cannabis is illegal. Also, possession of 10 grams of synthetic cannabis is punishable. Moreover, Subsequent possession of illegal marijuana carries a greater fine.

When will Marijuana be legal in Mississippi?

Well! We cannot predict the future of marijuana in Mississippi. However, the Mississippi government has passed an initiative 65 to legalize medical marijuana in November 2020. Under initiative 64, medical marijuana will be legal by August 2021.

The patient will be able to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis. Furthermore, The Mississippi department of health will regulate patient ID cards and license to dispensaries.

Quit your wondering to know about Is Weed Legal In Mississippi or not till August 15, 2021. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for all those searching for Is Weed Legal In Mississippi.

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