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Cannabis has gained much more attraction in the human wellness industry. For years, healthcare professionals and fitness enthusiasts have been boasting the physical and mental health benefits of CBD. By now, you might be familiar with the basics of CBD. Here we will talk about CBD for sexual wellness. Can CBD make its way in every bedroom?

As it turns out, on top of everything else, cannabidiol work wonders in the bedroom. Lets us get a little more intimate with the potential health benefits of CBD for sex.

Does CBD Oil Improve Libido?

Several research studies are ongoing on the potential health benefits of CBD that might provide us a better answer in the future. Here are some latest theories on CBD effects on sex derive.

Less Stress, More Sex!

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system that regulates various body functions, including stress & anxiety. High levels of cortisol hormone during stress lower the sex derive and other intimate activities. However, the magical ability of CBD melts away the stress and manages the cortisol level to help you relax before the act. For many couples, anxiety and stress impact the sex derive; CBD can ease the nerves and mental blocks getting into the way.

If we talk about the nitty-gritty of the endocannabinoid system to understand the interaction of CBD with it, it might be complex. However, ECS works with three core components that are:

  • Endocannabinoids
  • Cannabinoid receptors
  • Enzymes

CBD and its interaction with the endocannabinoids system are crucial for hormonal health, which ultimately increased libido. Moreover, CBD enhances the production of anandamide that helps in releasing Oxytocin – Love Hormone.

Approximately 40% of females experience pain during sex that turns good sex into bad sex. The pain-relieving properties of CBD can help this ultimate problem of every bedroom. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD alleviate inflammation and soreness after sex. Additionally, CBD results in increased blood flow that is pretty great for improving sexual activities.

How to Use CBD for Erectile Dysfunction?

Several men suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, we can not say CBD oil is a magic treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, but it can work by increasing blood flow and lowering stress. Some users report that CBD usage results in long-lasting sex. Well, there is no specific way to reap the potential health benefits of CBD for ED, but a few sublingual drops may work best.

You can take a few drops of CBD oil with a tincture, hold the drops for 30 – 40 minutes to experience the effects quickly. The intermittent use of CBD improves the sex derive with its therapeutic effects. Moreover, the practitioners believe that CBD or other cannabis extract enhances the blood flow that relieves the ED to facilitate longer sex.

CBD Lubricants:

Can I use CBD as a lube? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by men. CBD lubricants come with additional benefits for sex. Also, it is a natural alternative to other chemical-based lubes. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD lubes will help both parties to perform well during sex. By using CBD lubes, you can alleviate the feel of sandpaper. Several reputable brands have introduced cannabidiol-infused lubes to purchase online.

If you struggle with poor lubrication, dryness, and pain during sex, CBD-infused lubricants may benefit you. However, before using CBD lubes, be sure to check that lubes are compatible with condoms before using.

Side Effects of CBD for Sexual Wellness:

Overall, CBD is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid to use for various health ailments. However, some people may experience few side effects. It may interact with other medications you take. A person may experience the following side effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness

Therefore, before using CBD for any health condition, be sure to research its interaction with other medications.

Final Verdict:

CBD has remarkable health and wellness benefits in the human health department. More and more people are incorporating CBD and other cannabis-infused products into their regime. Aside from other health advantages, CBD has made its place into bedrooms. Some research studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD intake results in better and pleasurable sex. However, the determination of CBD dosage and accurate delivery method is essential.

Take CBD for sexual wellness & boost your sexual performance!

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By Fiza Arooj

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