CBD Cookies

Yes, we can make our own CBD cookies. CBD, known far and wide for its miracle-effects, comes in many forms: topical lotion, oral tablets, tinctures, sprays, and many more. But now a question arises, is CBD edible? Can we make our own CBD cookies?

The Answer To This Question Is A Plain, Simple YES; why Not! 

CBD cookies are suffused with Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, having a deficient THC level, which is considered an ‘evil’ compound because of its psychoactive effects. CBD cookies but CBD itself can also be used and infused in all kinds of baked products to experience and observe its beneficial effects.

How Do I Infuse CBD While Baking The Cookies?

There is no rocket-science in baking CBD cookies. The method is quite simple and sleek. It is considered thoughtful and deliberate to add CBD oil into a similar nature ingredient like oil, butter, etc., for better absorption and then bake in a routinely based manner. The amount of CBD infused can also predict how cookies are feasible to be baked. Usually, 7mg to 10mg CBD oil per cookie is considered sufficient, but You can increase it up to 25 mg. 

One vital point to keep in mind while baking CBD cookies is optimum temperature. Above or below this temperature, the product will not be desirable enough to consume. Also, heating for a prolonged duration of time denatures the basic essential components, and hence it loses effectiveness. Therefore, CO2 extraction to process CBD is widely in use.

For storing CBD cookies, use an airtight jar to ensure that the cookies don’t get enough light and do not get warm. This way, the cookies will be fresh and cool while maintaining quality.

Can We Make Our Own CBD Cookies?, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

Are CBD Cookies Compliant?

A big fat YES. Though baked from using CBD oil, CBD cookies contain a diminished THC amount, which is regarded as a highly toxic agent. THC is notorious for its psychoactive effects and causes one to get “high.” But CBD cookies don’t. 

Benefits of CBD Cookies 

The benefits of these cookies cannot be left unappreciated. Following are discussed a few:
CBD-infused cookies, when ingested, have a delayed onset and longer duration of action. It is slowly and gradually metabolized and released into the body, with the effects lasting longer.
By containing lesser than 0.3% of the toxic agent as THC, it does not cause the ‘high symptoms’ and is regarded to be used safely in a significant population. 
High-dose CBD has adverse effects like diarrhea, insomnia, dry mouth, fatigue, tiredness, etc. However, CBD edibles are generally well-tolerated with minimalistic side effects.
These edibles are also effective in relieving various ailments like pain and inflammation.

Anxiety, depression, mood changes, mood instability, etc. offering a long-lasting effect. They also assist in maintaining immunity stronger and regulate cardiovascular function as well. By their anti-seizure results, they are potent enough to be consumed in epileptic disorders, too.
They have the least possible respiratory risks like bronchitis, emphysema, inflammation, etc., unlike other cannabis-derived products.

CBD cookies with a proper proportion of the CBD infused helps in increasing sexual power as well. It masks the effects like dryness and itchiness and helps increase lubricants’ production, giving an ecstatic and euphoric feeling during sex. 

Another sex-related benefit is that they cause to cease the performance anxiety.
Removing contaminants from the body, lesser time-consuming and easy to bake, makes them stand out.

Undesirable Consequences

With such a wide range of benefits been discussed, now we will shed light on the drawbacks of CBD edibles as:

Allergies are one of the most typical adverse reactions to these edibles. Not necessarily an anaphylactic shock, but even minor to mild allergies can be expected to occur.

CBD, being a potent compound, can cause various drug interactions and deactivate the cytochrome P450 enzyme system in the liver. Therefore, preliminary drug testing is always required. 

Cognitive impairment is associated with using such edibles very rarely in which the affected person cannot recall, learn new stuff or suffer from poor decision-making ability. 

Deep-rooted research is still awaited to know the broad spectrum benefits and drawbacks of CBD edibles.

Can We Make Our Own CBD Cookies?, #1 USA Cannabidiol Blog

Dosing Regimen

While consuming CBD edibles, it is better to start with a small dose and increase a little to get the desirable effects. Also, they have a slow onset and longer duration of action. Therefore one should wait for the exhibition of the advantageous and beneficial effects and not stuff oneself with it.

Are They Safe To Consume?

CBD edibles have a shallow THC level, i.e., 0.3% or less, and therefore are considered and declared safe for use. While other Cannabis-derived products have a comparatively high THC concentration between 5% to 15%, that’s why People should not consume them on one’s own or without any renowned physician’s advice. 

Bottom Line

In the above article, we have thoroughly discussed the details of how easy and compliant it is to make and bake CBD cookies. We have come to know the beneficial effects of not only cookies but all the CBD edibles as well, be it gummies, chocolates, and so much more. With the pros, the cons cannot be denied or left unnoticed. Although CBD edibles have less abuse potential, their use still requires care and advice from a well-known medical practitioner due to an almost nil quantity of THC.

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